Saturday, November 13, 2010

OnmiFocus for iPad and iPhone

I've started the hard work of entering all of my active projects and tasks into OmniFocus for iPad and I'm finding this organizational solution surprisingly effective for my needs. Although I was ambivalent about the $39.99 purchase price, I'm finding the dollars invested to be well spent. 
This week I purchased OmniFocus for iPhone to serve as a complement to the Apple iPad version of the product. The two versions synch over MobileMe, allowing for the iPhone version to serve as a pocket-sized personal organizer. In just a few days of use this has proven to be a convenient way to keep track of current projects on-the-go while away from both my office and my iPad. 
My investment in the iPad and iPhone versions of OmniFocus totals about $60. So far I consider it money well invested in a mobile productivity solution. 

Robert Paul Leitao

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