Sunday, November 7, 2010

OmniFocus For iPad

Last week I took the plunge and purchased OmniFocus for iPad. It's a $39.99 app for project and task management. The price was outsized for what I would ordinarily pay for an iOS app and I was ambivalent about the price. But time and time again I found myself at the Omni Group Web site checking the features or watching the brief tutorial videos waiting for the impulse to buy the product.
Purchasing a $39.99 app was above the threshold I had set for single app purchases. It's more than I've spent in about the past two years in the iTunes Music Store and more than I spent for the iWork suite of apps the day I purchased the iPad. But there I was looking at the app one more time. What finally prompted me to buy the app is the recommendation of my former boss. He's an extraordinarily organized guy and a recommendation from him in favor of an organizational app carried a lot of weight. I clicked the purchase button, bought the app and I've been busy adding action items, contexts and projects to my OmniFocus database ever since. 
A fews days after buying OmniFocus for iPad, I'm now visiting the Omni Group Website looking at the features and watching the video to determine if I should buy OmniFocus for iPhone as well.  I'll probably do that a few more times before taking the plunge. The two apps work in concert or as standalone solutions.
I have a lot of things to do and after loading into OmniFocus all the things I need to do that I can remember I need to do it's no wonder I'm constantly thinking about all of the things I need to get done. I've already invested a few hours figuring out how OmniFocus works best (or at least works best the ways I want it to work best). There's one big thing I've already determined from working with the product the past few days. Those things I really don't want to do look much less ominous when reduced to a simple action item among the many things I do need to accomplish.
I'll post a review of OmniFocus for iPad after I work with the product for a few more weeks. Already I feel much more organized after only a few days of active use. The manner in which OmniFocus organizes information has become surprisingly intuitive after only a few days of use.

Robert Paul Leitao

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