Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Apple iPad As A Navigation Device

In September I activated 3G service on my Apple iPad to use the device at an off-site conference. The iPad worked splendidly as my primary communication and productivity device over the four-day event. The 3G service also came in quite handy when my office lost Internet service on a weekday morning.
Not to let an investment of $14.99 for a month's 3G go to waste without making the most of the dollars, I took the Apple iPad on a short road trip to test its uses as a navigation device. For those of us who have made use of an Apple iPhone or other smartphone to find directions and track progress to a selected destination, the Apple iPad is a singular delight. The iPad's comparatively massive screen eliminates the need to squint when tracking progress and the "pinch and zoom" ability allows one to travel greater distances without moving the map in response to the miles already travelled. Absent the desire for audible turn by turn directions, there's no reason to look beyond the Apple iPad for a navigation solution when 3G service is activated. In addition to providing a much larger screen to track progress to a destination, locations detailed along the way are much easier to see and note.
Alas, I cancelled the 3G service hours before its automatic renewal to save on another month's charge. For now the service isn't needed. But I won't hesitate to activate it again if for no other reason than to have the 3G iPad's navigation tools available for the next business or personal trip out of the area and to unfamiliar surrounds. 

Robert Paul Leitao

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